Paddling pool is all set for the summer season

Morpeth Mayor Nic Best seen at Morpeth Paddling Pool-opening their weekend.'REF 2105142810
Morpeth Mayor Nic Best seen at Morpeth Paddling Pool-opening their weekend.'REF 2105142810

Prepare for paddling pandemonium.

The much-awaited seasonal opening of Morpeth’s Paddling Pool is almost here.

Final touches have been put in place over the last week to get the Carlisle Park facility ready for operation.

And the pool will be opened to the public on Saturday, perfect timing for bank holiday family fun.

Morpeth Town Council Clerk Gillian Turner said: “We have had some brilliant weather to get all the preparations done.

“The guys have been working over the weekend to get all of the painting, surfacing work and tiling done and the pump people are coming out this week. Everything will be all set for the weekend.

“The paddling pool will be open all summer until the children go back to school in September. We still have the elephant and mushroom feature and we expect the pool to be well used.”

The council has also erected new signage in all of its play facilities to request that people do not smoke in the areas.

It follows an appeal by Coun Mark Horton at a meeting of the Property and Asset Management Committee.

He said: “It has been pointed out to me by someone involved in child safeguarding that she had seen quite a few people smoking in playgrounds. It was primarily in the Carlisle Park playground, but it probably happens in all of the other playgrounds as well.

“We don’t have any signs up saying ‘please don’t smoke’. If someone asks a person to stop smoking the first thing they will say is that there’s nothing to say they can’t. People do smoke in the playgrounds when there are children playing next to them.

“I do understand that we can’t fine people for it, but I don’t see why we can’t put a sign up asking people not to smoke in these areas.

“If they choose to smoke in another part of the park we can’t help that, but at least it would be further away from the children.”

The committee backed the proposal and signs have been erected at facilities throughout the town in the last week.