Painful start to the week

The week started badly after getting bitten by my own cat!

I have a big ginger tom cat which sometimes visits, much to the displeasure of my own cat Ruby who to say the least is fairly territorial.

Anyway he came in through my sitting room window before I left for work and as I grabbed him to put him back out Ruby launched herself at him like a 100mph spitting, hissing missile.

Unfortunately she missed the intruder and grabbed my leg, biting my bum which I can only describe as excruciating pain.

Getting to work was painful and I had to sit on an ice pack to relieve the pain when I got there. I have to thank Laura, our bravest nurse, who inspected my wounds although she did point out it wasn’t in her job description!

She did take a photo and I did have a nasty bite wound that I have had to take antibiotics for but I didn’t appreciate the suggestion that we use it for a Christmas quiz – which body part, what wound and whose body?

I also had an interesting operation on a goat, presented with abdominal pain and non-productive straining.

When I performed an exploratory laparotomy, not something we get a chance to do on many goats, it was to find that he’d had bladder stones blocking his urethra so he’d been unable to pass urine.

Unfortunately his bladder had ruptured which is why he’d probably presented so bright but with high renal parameters. The bladder rupturing had clearly given him temporary relief.

Despite doing some fairly heroic surgery and intravenous fluids to try to flush his kidneys through, he only survived for 24 hours post-surgery.

It was disappointing for all of us involved and for the owners of this much-loved goat.

We did have some good news at the end of the week when it was announced that we’d received a prestigious building award from the Royal College.

It’s been a great boost for everyone and deserved recognition for the fantastic surgery we are quite privileged to be working in.

By SALLY BOOTH, Director