Pair of bearded dragons dumped in cardboard box

A bearded dragon.
A bearded dragon.

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two bearded dragons were abandoned in a cardboard box in Northumberland.

Found on wasteland near to communal garages on Eden Terrace, Lynemouth, on Tuesday, they had been dumped in a small box without food, water or a source of heat – which is essential for these non-native lizards to survive.

The RSPCA was alerted and animal collection officer Terry Haley rushed out to find the pair.

He said: “This poor pair of beautiful beardies had been cruelly dumped like rubbish in just a cardboard box.

“It’s such an irresponsible thing to do, as pet reptiles need to be kept in specific climate controlled enclosures to stay healthy and carry out their normal behaviours, so for someone to knowingly walk away from them is completely unacceptable.

“At the moment, I have no information about who owns the bearded dragons and why they were dumped.

“I’m appealing to anyone with information to come forward so I can get to the bottom of it. People can leave me a message in complete confidence on our inspector’s appeal line by calling 0300 1238018.”

Although the bearded dragons appear to be in good condition, they are currently in the care of Jacqui Patersons Veterinary Surgery in Stockton and will soon be transported to a specialist reptile centre in order to find a new home.

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