Parish authority plea over illegal parking outside new store

The new Co-op store in Pegswood.
The new Co-op store in Pegswood.

Councillors have called for more action to be taken to address illegal parking outside a village shop.

The new Co-op in Pegswood opened in June and Pegswood Parish Council said the feedback from residents has been very positive.

But some customers are parking their cars on the double yellow lines at the front and down the side of the store.

As well as asking all motorists to use the car park at the back of the premises, the local authority believes that urgent measures need to be taken or a serious incident could happen.

It has put forward a no loading restriction request to Northumberland County Council for its 2016/17 local transport plan, although it is hoping that it can be brought forward earlier.

And it stressed the need for parking wardens to go along to the area more frequently at a meeting on Monday, which was attended by senior civil parking enforcement officer Claire Hughes.

Parish council chairman Paul Williams said: “Unfortunately, quite a few motorists are parking on the yellow lines and they are causing an obstruction to traffic on Front Street.

“It is a crash waiting to happen and we are deeply concerned, particularly at the times when parents and children and going to and from school.

“I accept that officers can’t be there all the time, but it’s important that as much enforcement action as possible takes place to help address the problem.”

Ms Hughes said that enforcement officers are currently going along to the Co-op two to five times a day, three times a week, and this amount may be increased in the coming weeks.

She asked the council to let her know the times when the illegal parking is most prevalent.

She then said: “The presence of officers and issuing of tickets will be a deterrent to a certain extent.”

Ms Hughes added that an enforcement vehicle, which will be able to take photographs of illegal parking, should become available to the team of officers later in the year.

Its priority areas will include schools at busy times and Coun Mark Rochester asked for the vehicle to go past the Co-op to check for illegal parking on the occasions it goes to Pegswood First School as the store is on the main road.