Parish gets tough on fly-posting

NEW policies are to be introduced to try to get to grips with nuisance fly-posting.

Parish councillors in Widdrington Station and Stobswood say they are fed up with posters being erected in the neighbourhood and not taken down for months, if at all.

Now they will warn people that permission must be secured from the council for any notices to be put up within its boundaries, and they must be removed within seven days of an event taking place.

The action was suggested by Coun David Baron.

“I just feel that we have people putting posters up for various things and not taking them down again,” he said.

“The last time I was out and about there were still posters up for a Christmas fair.

“There are posters up now for somebody who has a van for hire. Nobody has asked permission for that, I don’t know how long it has been there or whether the person is even still in business.

“I think the parish council should agree that in future anybody wanting to put a poster up must contact the clerk of the council or a parish councillor and get permission and then agree that they will remove it seven days after the event.”

Coun Shelly Willoughby backed the plan.

“This should be something we can implement. People can’t just stick posters up here, there and everywhere. We should have something in place where people should request permission,” she said.

Member Bell Fraser agreed and suggested that anyone who fails to remove their poster within the required time should be billed for the cost of the parish handyman taking it down.

However, she was told it would be difficult to enforce.

Coun Baron’s proposal was accepted and notices will be placed on the parish noticeboards to inform residents. Councillors and the parish handyman will remove posters that have not been approved or have remained in place past their deadline.