Parish prepares for winter with snow-clearing plans

VILLAGERS are making plans for extra footpath clearing to ensure they are not caught out if extreme winter weather returns.

After the bitter experience of last year’s pre-Christmas snow, Pegswood Parish Council is putting the arrangements in place so that it can react quickly if necessary.

The preparations are designed to ensure the authority can quickly call on a local contractor to remove snow and ice from important areas that have not been treated by Northumberland County Council teams.

Deputy Clerk Kevin Cassie said: “The county council has given us a list of priority footpath areas it will clear in the village when resources become available and these include the post office and Co-op.

“But the area outside the Wellway medical centre is not on it and last year it took far too long for clearing to be done, so we have asked if we can organise some clearing ourselves should the snow return.

“We’re awaiting an answer from the county council and all the insurance issues need to be sorted, but if there are no problems then it will be useful for us to take some immediate action to help residents get to shops and services if the snow is as bad as last year.”

Pegswood Parish Council has also asked the unitary authority to make sure all the grit bins in the village are filled as eight of them were not included on its list.