PARK: Wider revamp is now in order

I welcome the arrival of the Emily Davison statue to Carlisle Park in Morpeth to encourage greater visitor numbers to the park.

Thursday, 20th September 2018, 9:13 am
Updated Thursday, 20th September 2018, 9:17 am

However, much more needs to be done with the William Turner Garden.

The site needs a revamp to give visitors and locals a reason to go regularly.

Also, thought needs to be given as to how to improve the floral display in the park as a whole so that visitors don’t just focus on improvements to a certain clock, but on the whole visitor experience, and see that the park as a whole is worth visiting for a number of reasons.

l When I look back to the flood of 2008, it gives me mixed feelings.

There is pride in the work that Mrs Dunn and the late Mrs Conroy did as the work of the voluntary sector had a considerable effect on how the victims of the flood were able to cope.

But there is also sadness as I remember the haunted looks of people who had been flooded out, as their life changed with a once-in-however-many-years event.

I’m not a big fan of change as it isn’t always for the better, but hopefully if a similar scale of problem arrives in the town in the future the community will still pull together.

l The surge in visitor numbers to events and facilities in Newcastle and Gateshead meant that the Great Exhibition of the North was a great success for Newcastle and Gateshead.

However, I would have liked Northumberland to share in the opportunity the exhibition gave more than it appeared to.

I only recall seeing a limited number of events in the county.

But more importantly, not enough thought seemed to be given as to how to encourage visitors to the North East to leave Newcastle by bus or train for the range of attractions in Northumberland to enable this county to gain from the boost the exhibition offered.

l It’s been some years since I have eaten a bacon sandwich, I stick to four slices of toast for breakfast.

I did think about the bishops making bacon sandwiches at St James’s Church recently.

I hope the event was a success and linked with the other events in the North that the bishops attended, and that everything was productive to give people more of an idea of whom the bishops are as people and to help the bishops understand more about life in the North East.

It’s still important for all churches to see beyond the numbers of regular attendees at their services and to look out to the areas of need and how they can reach them.

After all, eating a bacon sandwich is a good ice-breaker when talking about something serious.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue