Parking protest has wrong end of the stick

RESIDENTS campaigning to block changes to Morpeth parking arrangements may have misunderstood the situation, councillors have been told.

A 16-name petition was submitted to Northumberland County Council’s North Area Committee expressing concern about proposed changes to parking arrangements around Goosehill and Tenter Terrace.

However, officers say the authority has no plans to introduce new parking restrictions in the area.

They say that confusion may have arisen after notices were published outlining the council’s new Composite Traffic Regulation Orders, which seek to bring together some 1,200 individual traffic regulations that are already in force into smaller consolidation orders.

Before they can be changed consultation must be carried out, including advertising the draft order.

The petition also called for the removal of yellow lines outside bungalows in Goosehill, but the council says the restrictions are necessary to prevent access to the area from being completely blocked by parked vehicles.

Following general concerns about parking in the area, the council will ask police to enforce an existing ‘prohibition of driving except for access’ order.

The committee was told that any move towards a residents’ parking permit scheme would have to form part of the council’s parking strategy when each of the major towns are considered.