PARKING: There is a difference

Once again the council is being asked by residents of central Morpeth to solve their vehicle storage problem.

Car parking is an entirely different matter.

Is it not time that councils, motorists and the general public understood, or even realised, that there is a difference?

Resident motorists who own or rent land on which vehicles should be stored off the highway are charged council tax on the value of that facility when it is part of the curtilage of their residence, therefore those of us who provide our own vehicle storage are subsidising those who expect the council to provide residents-only parking bays.

When we are unable to ensure that our vehicle is stored off road when not in use, then we should not own or have use of that vehicle.

Free parking should be available, as it is in Morpeth, at all times to all visitors, not residents, who already pay Vehicle Excise Duty.

Why not try to be fair to all taxpayers?

Norman Bateman,

Low Espley,