People warned to beware of cold call phone scams

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

Northumberland County Council is urging residents to be on their guard following a number of complaints relating to phone calls allegedly being made on its behalf.

Callers have been claiming to be ringing on behalf of the council and asking if the householder has had an accident in recent years – with a view to talking about a compensation claim.

The council’s trading standards team is urging residents to terminate the call, and to never provide any personal information to a cold caller.

Other scams have also been reported, including from people who have received a text message about a council tax refund, which goes on to a site which looks like a Government site, and which asks for bank details.

Coun Liz Simpson, deputy business chairman, said: “Residents need to be vigilant about these unscrupulous activities and follow advice in order to protect themselves.

“The council would not cold call or text residents and try to obtain personal information.

“These individuals will try multiple methods to deceive people but they will particularly look for vulnerable or unsuspecting residents.

“People need to be extremely cautious if they receive one of these calls and if they are in any doubt, should not provide any personal details and end the call.

“If anyone claims to be from the council then any member of staff would be happy to provide their contact details so that they can be called back through the council’s main switchboard number 0345 6006400.”