Brook and Katie’s big move delight

The duo who run a chiropractic clinic in the centre of Morpeth are optimistic about the future of their business after a positive start.

Tuesday, 30th November 2021, 11:00 am
Dr Brook Pauna and Katie Watson of Morpeth Chiropractic.

Dr Brook Pauna (chiropractor) and Katie Watson (sports therapist) worked together for four years within a smaller business.

They decided the time was right to open a clinic themselves and, using Brook’s business name, Morpeth Chiropractic at 28B Bridge Street was up and running in August.

Between them, they offer treatments to support people’s recovery from back pain, both acute and chronic, advice and treatment regarding postural imbalance, everyday advice on spine health, treatment relating to musculoskeletal pain, sports injury treatment and rehabilitation, myofascial dry cupping and kinesio taping.

Katie said: “We had limited space in our previous location and when we discussed things during the lockdowns, we felt once society started opening up again, it made sense for us to open a new clinic.

“Our clients have been very supportive and followed us along, and we’ve also taken on some new clients.

“The potential to build the business is great and our aim is to get to a position where we can take on other therapists as there are rooms available to do so.

“Given what we do, there are Covid-safety measures in place and we are stringent with cleaning.”

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