Club’s face-to-face delight

For the first time since March 10, 2020, the men and women of Morpeth Rotary Club experienced the joy, relief and pleasure of meeting each other again at their regular venue of Morpeth Golf Club.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 9:59 am
Meeting speaker Alan Clark with President Mary Kendall.

There was a trial run the week before with a small face-to-face social fundraising afternoon at the home of Mary Kendall, President for 2021/22.

A total of £226 was raised to cover a respite holiday for a family for a week at the Contact Morpeth Mental Health caravan. A small beginning, but hopefully the start of regular community support and fundraising on an ambitious scale.

Member Alan Clark entertained with a traditional Rotary ‘my job’ talk. Following his initial employment years as a trainee bank clerk, he was called up for National Service with the RAF at Bridgnorth.

On his return, he went to a large branch in Newcastle where he was well placed to complete his Institute of Bankers exams. He must have done well as he was called to London for an interview and given a promotion to start work on the following Monday in Lancaster.

He was later an assistant manager at Newcastle and became a manager at the age of 32. He was treasurer for various charitable events, including one that brought Ken Dodd to Newcastle and another with Muhammad Ali.

He was working at Morpeth when he retired. His career was very satisfying and a great joy.

President Mary gave a vote of thanks.