Morpeth Camera Club: Recreating great works of art through photography

Professional Phil Punton, who started working as a wedding photographer at the age of 17, was the guest speaker at a recent meeting.

Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 10:20 am
Phil Punton’s projects have included recreating works by Leonardo da Vinci.

He showed the audience examples of his work, describing his lighting equipment and the methods he used to attain the best results, before going on to discuss his current work in a talk entitled Living Art.

It involves recreating great works of art through photography and the project arose when, through his love of art, he was invited to recreate an Augustus John painting for a brochure.

This led to the enterprise The Historic and Mythical Imagery Group, in conjunction with a special partnership between the Hatton and Laing Galleries.

The group comprises of performers and crafters whose aim is to recreate either famous works of art or to make an interpretation of something mythical.

Members make the costumes and props, and find sympathetic locations to ensure that the final images are a true reflection of the original paintings.

The actors study a painting to make sure that their character is placed at the right angle and has the correct facial expression while Phil studies and takes notes of how the painting had been lit – making sure that the tone, lighting and perspective are sympathetic with the original.

Phil’s projects have included works by Leonardo da Vinci, Courbet, Rembrandt, Durer and Caravaggio.

His aim is to pay homage to and show respect and appreciation for great works of art, and to enjoy the whole creative process.