Sid's super marathon effort for friend with skin cancer

A Morpeth resident has described in detail how he pushed his body to the limit in an epic fund-raising challenge.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 11:39 am
Sid Malkin pictured shortly after his run from Berwick to Morpeth.

Sid Malkin gave himself the task of running from Berwick to Morpeth in one go in aid of Julie Goring, who has been diagnosed with terminal melanoma, and her family. Nearly £3,000 has been raised – a mixture of online and cash donations.

On his fund-raising page before the run, Sid said that ‘Julie used to train with me and was very, very committed. In return I'd like to push my boundaries.’

Sid, who had convoy support and ran more than 40 miles, set off from Berwick at 2.02am on May 30.

He said: “I had run a marathon in 2001 when I was in the army, but I don’t enjoy running and eight miles was the biggest distance I had run in the last 10 years, so I knew this was going to be a tough challenge.

“I decided to break it down into three stints – Berwick to Belford, Belford to Alnwick and Alnwick to Morpeth – and within those, do five-mile sections.

“It was about 46 minutes for the first five miles and 42 minutes for the next five, but I knew I generally wanted a slow and steady pace so I slowed down a little for 10 to 15 miles even though I felt great at that point.

“There were more hills in the 15 to 20 miles section so it started getting tougher and I felt a little bit tight, so I stopped and rested for a short time. I hydrated and ate a banana and I was off again, although it was getting more and more difficult because it was hurting going downhill as well as uphill – only the flat parts were OK.

“By the 20 to 25 mile section, I was glad that more people had turned up, including Julie’s family, to help keep me going.

“My friends Chrissy and Mikey gave me some salt that I swallowed with protein water and Chrissy even put his hand on my shoulder when I was faltering and ran alongside me to perk me up, even though he had an operation not that long ago due to injury.

“The 30 to 35-mile section was extremely difficult and I admitted to Julie’s sister (Lynsey Power) that I was struggling. The heat was also a big factor by that stage.

“I changed my socks and trainers and managed to keep going a little longer with my family in my mind, particularly my youngest child Harper (aged three), but after just over 41 miles it was getting to the point where it was not safe to continue and I was given a lift to the north end of Morpeth.

“I was determined to jog the final bit to the end point, the Riverside Lodge, and it was emotional to see the welcome waiting for me. I was able to see my sisters who I had not seen for a while due to the Covid lockdowns.

“I have to say the ice bath that was waiting for me was just what was needed at that time because my legs were on fire and I couldn’t even step into it – I flopped into the water.

“I had some hot food that was delicious and some coconut water to help with my hydration.

“A thank-you banner had been created and Julie’s husband Adam presented me with a trophy.

“To sum up, it was an overwhelming experience and raising awareness of melanoma has also been very important.

“I would also like to thank Maddie of North Embroidery and Print for doing a running vest for me and T-shirts for my team, as well as Julie and her family, for no cost.”

Lynsey had also attended the boot camp run by Sid.

She said she and others in the family thought Sid was “mad” when they found out what he was doing three weeks beforehand, but they were all delighted that he was attempting such a challenge for Julie.

She added: “Sid is amazing and we’re so impressed with what he has achieved and how he was able to keep going even when he was struggling.

“He has become part of the family now.”