Peter’s helping hand for beautiful birds

Morpeth Rotary Club

MEMBERS had some really interesting visitors to a recent meeting when Peter Middleton from the Trewitley Owl Trust brought along a couple of his feathered friends.

The trust is situated near Longhorsley and specialises in looking after wildlife such as owls, hawks, ravens and many others who have been abandoned or injured.

All sorts of wildlife appear to end up on its doorstep and often they need vet attention before recuperating at the farm.

The trust organises Hawk Walks where people can see the hawks in their natural habitat and perhaps hold a hawk on a protective glove. It is a very popular attraction.

Lots of schools visit the sanctuary and Mr Middleton also visits schools to talk to the children about looking after these birds.

He was an enthusiastic speaker who clearly loves what he does and indeed the raven that he brought along actually lives in his house, although it was not house-trained as was evident by the floor of the meeting room.

It was a very well behaved bird but he did say that they are actually very destructive and chew and pull everything to bits.

The barn owl he brought along was very cross after having been shut up in a box for some considerable time and was very prone to trying to fly away, but fortunately Mr Middleton had a firm hold of her.

He explained how the farm had grown as its reputation grew and more and more birds are brought along for them to nurse back to health.

He did emphasise, however, that the farm is a working environment and the birds are just part of the life that goes on there.

• If you are selling an item on eBay, you can choose to give a percentage of your final selling price to the trust. If you are shopping on the site, you can also give a small donation to charity when paying for an item through the checkout using PayPal.

Alternatively, people can donate through its ‘eBay for Charity’ page – click on the ‘Favourite charity’ section, select ‘Environment and Protection of Animals’ and then type ‘Trewitley’ in the relevant search box.