Planning bids submitted to county council


The following planning applications have been submitted to Northumberland County Council.

Ellington And Linton: Northern Powergrid (Colin Potts), Linton Primary Sub-Station, asset reinforcement replacement works; Mr David Bramwell, Garden Cottage, Front Street, Ellington, construction of garage.

Hebron: Mr and Mrs Pat and Robin Tallentyre, land north of East Espley Cottage, Espley, erection of a three-bedroom bungalow; Mr Doug Nixon, Newcastle University, Cockle Park, proposed prefabricated poultry cabin.

Lynemouth: Mr Graham Elliott, 42 Boland Road, proposed sun lounge.

Morpeth: Mr Barry Wilson, 2 Merle Gardens, Lancaster Park, works to two Ash trees with Tree Preservation Orders – for the first tree, remove two main branches, one at 2m and one at 2.1m, and remove one secondary branch at 3m, all on the west side of the tree encroaching property, and crown thin by 20 per cent due to excessive shading; for the second tree, partial crown reduction by 1m on the west side of the tree to shorten branches encroaching property;

Ponteland: Mr and Mrs Chris Westacott, 38 Thornhill Road, proposed extension to form bedroom and bathroom over garage, with dormer windows and new front porch; Mr John Alderson, land at Darras Road, Darras Hall, works to trees in a conservation area – fell three sycamore trees, one willow tree, one apple tree and one ash tree, with pruning works to two sycamore trees and two elm trees; Mr John Alderson, land south west of bridge at Darras Road, Darras Hall, Tree Preservation Order application – fell one Scots pine tree, one elder tree and one ash tree; Mrs Amanda Herford, land south of 201 Darras Road, Darras Hall, change of use of parcel of land to the rear (south) of property from public open space to private garden; Mr Warwick Durnian, 65 North Road, proposed rear kitchen and dining room extension, first floor bedroom and bathroom extension over garage and internal alteration to convert garage into playroom, bathroom and utility room; Mr and Mrs Beverley, 3 Church Flatt, Eland Haugh, proposed construction of first floor extension over existing garage/utility to form master bedroom, dressing room and en-suite facilities.

Rothley: Mr G Senior, land east Of Cragwell, proposed unit for use as holiday accommodation.

Stannington: Mr Andy Summers, 20 Eden Walk, St Mary’s Park, proposal to convert loft into two bedrooms and a bathroom and build a conservatory on the rear of property between family room and garage.