Planning proposals submitted to council

THE following planning applications have been submitted to Northumberland County Council.

Belsay: Mr Bhikkhu Abhinando, Buddhist Monastery, 2 Harnham Hall Cottages, listed building consent for installation of a sign in natural stone (Welsh slate) on the outside wall of the barns adjacent to property.

Hebron: Mr Simon Baker, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cockle Park, erection of permanent single-storey greenhouse, approximately 16mx16m, approximately 4m high, together with hard surface access route and services installed between adjacent workshop and proposed greenhouse.

Heddon On The Wall: Mr and Mrs Michael Robson, East Barn, Birks Road, two private stables; Mr John Turner, Denewell, 43 Military Road, conservatory to rear.

Hepscott: Mr and Mrs Lesley and Alan Watson, 5 Thornlea, single storey extension to form utility room, remove section of flat roof and replace with new pitched roof, alteration to existing openings, construction of new chimney and infill existing canopy to form entrance porch.

Meldon: Ms Pam Graves, land west of Butterfly Cottage, East Molesden Cottages, Molesden, outline application for erection of a holiday cottage; Mr and Mrs D Penn, Rydal Mount, East Molesden Cottages, Molesden, construction of garden room extension to rear.

Mitford: Mr David Saunders, 55 Fontside, side extension to enlarge kitchen and form family room, internal alterations and new rear dormer window/bedroom.

Morpeth: Mr Dixon, 15 Fifth Avenue, Stobhillgate, proposed rear ground-floor bedroom and en-suite extension, and tiled roof over kitchen; Ms Teresa Benkhabeb-House, 16 Brumell Drive, Lancaster Park, proposed ground floor, hall, lounge, garage and rear porch extension and first-floor bedroom/en-suite extension; Mr Andrew Harding, 2 Southgate Wood, Tree Preservation Order, felling of six ash trees, cut stem back to boundary to one ash tree, crown thin by 15 per cent to one Norway maple tree, felling of one sycamore tree, pollard one sycamore tree and crown thin by 15 per cent and balance to one Norway maple tree and one sorbus species tree; Mrs Sue Lavender, 34 Wansdyke, Lancaster Park, construction of extension over existing double garage to provide living accommodation, with balcony and external stair and proposed disabled lift with new front entrance.

Ponteland: Mr and Mrs Hunter Ramage, 48 Edge Hill, proposed porch and canopy; M Jackson, 104 Runnymede Road, Darras Hall, proposed garden room over former terrace area; Mr David Graham, 39 Runnymede Road, refurbishment of existing bungalow and single-storey extensions to side to make garage into double, to front to form bedroom and rear to form living room, conservatory added to rear.

Stannington: Liam Kelly, Catraw Farm, proposed solar PV project.

Thirston: Mr Clive Milner, land west of Longdyke Burn, north of C137, Longhorsley, prior notification for a pre-fabricated hay barn.