PLANS: Listen to advice from residents

I write regarding the article from the three wise men who come among us from County Hall, namely councillors Swithenbank and Lindley and Central Area Maintenance Manager Martin King, with its fulfilment of self-congratulations relating to the refurbishment of the pathway from Shields Road, Stobhill, to the A192 down the Station Bank, which is a main thoroughfare into Morpeth, (Morpeth Herald, November 17).

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 8:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 2:40 pm

Residents of Stobhill have had to suffer this dangerous pathway for many years, and which has not yet been completed under the railway bridge.

I will pre-empt their reply of funding not being available earlier and say spend the people’s money where it is needed and in their best interests.

In addition, leave County Hall where it is.

Do not support building any more houses in this area. Do not build a fast food store and pub. Do not build on greenbelt land, which is then lost forever.

Do not sell off Merley Croft and The Terrace car park for more housing, leading to more traffic congestion and gridlock.

I say again, listen to sensible residents, as at the Town Hall meeting on November 17, and act on their concerns and advice.

It may be a good idea to relocate Goosehill First School to the former fire station at Loansdean. However, the vacant site at Goosehill may then become available for more housing.

Labour does not have any county councillors in Morpeth wards and, due to the above, never will, it would seem.

I have only lived in Morpeth for 65 years so what do I know?

David Mash