Plans submitted for new housing in village

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

A planning application has been lodged for the next phase in a programme of developments for Pegswood.

The outline bid for the erection of approximately 17 residential units is at a site east and north of East Farm.

It also includes ‘wider planning benefits’ such as the provision of a new park and pavilion for public use behind the fire station in Pegswood.

Enviro Property Partners Ltd has put forward the proposal. It developed the new store for the Co-op, which replaced the former Pegswood Ex sports and social club on Main Street.

Although elements of the scheme have been welcomed, Pegswood Parish Council has issued a note of caution. The local authority says it requires more information about the proposed provision of a community park and pavilion and an issue with the five-a-side pitch on the site needs to be addressed.

And residents living nearby have raised a concern about the potential for a loss of privacy.

As well as the now disused five-a-side pitch, the site includes buildings and hardstandings that were once part of a farm, some of which have been cleared.

The planning statement, submitted by Jon Tweddell Planning Limited on behalf of the applicant, includes the following: ‘It is envisaged that the overall design is likely to be similar in scale and design to the surrounding buildings (traditional).

‘It is expected that the development would deliver a range of housing such as two, three and four bedroom properties.

‘Whilst some of the buildings on the site have been cleared, the site remains an eyesore. Improving the visual appearance of the site for local residents and visitors is a clear planning benefit.’

Pegswood Parish Council accepts the conversion of the former farm buildings into new housing, but it is currently opposed to granting outline approval for residential units on the site of the football facility.

Its response says: ‘The five-a-side pitch has been allowed to deteriorate and fall out of use since the former Ex club failed and the land and buildings were acquired by a new owner.

‘We believe there is a major issue which needs to be resolved regarding the agreement entered into with Sport England and other possible funders for the continued maintenance and use of this facility.

‘With the proposed provision of a community park and multi-use pavilion, more detail with regard to its description, location, viability and future management is required.

‘Until full details are known and accepted by the community and Pegswood Parish Council, it cannot possibly be regarded as a potential community benefit or replacement of the existing five-a-side football pitch on the application site.’

David Pledger is one of the Kirkharle Drive residents to make a comment.

His response says: ‘We are generally in support of improvement to this part of the village, but have the following major concern.

‘Because the land at the rear of our home where four houses are to be built is several feet higher than our garden, there is the potential that these houses would be looking down into our rooms, including bedrooms.

‘If this was the case, we would strongly object due to lack of privacy.’