Plans to extend park season

A BID to extend the season of a coastal caravan park has been submitted.

Park Resorts, which owns Cresswell Towers Holiday Park, is seeking to remove planning conditions that ban it from operating in the winter.

The park is currently open from March 1 to October 31, but an application has been submitted to allow a 12-month season.

Previous similar proposals have been rejected and in 2004 a planning inspector ruled that extending the season would harm the quiet character of Cresswell and would be unacceptable for residents due to noise and disturbance.

However, Park Resorts says the situation has now changed as various measures have been taken to reduce noise, including enclosing the swimming pool and putting a new roof over the entertainment building.

The applicant says it needs to open year-round to compete with other parks and extending the season will increase spending in local shops, provide employment and help to sustain community services.

Conditions would ensure the caravans are only occupied for holiday purposes.

However, Cresswell Parish Council is likely to oppose the plans.

Vice Chairman Jean Gardner said: “Cresswell Towers is right in the centre of the village and over the years we have had to cope with noise and disturbance from some of the people staying there.

“The park has improved the sound proofing, but there is still noise from people coming and going and it causes disruption for local residents.

“When such plans have been refused in the past it has been to give the residents a little bit of respite and I think they need that.”

The application will be decided by Northumberland County Council.