Play is recipe for lots of laughs

Ding dong, the bells are going to chime. Or perhaps not?

Friday, 9th March 2018, 12:56 pm
Morpeth Players take on It's On, It's Off.

The St George’s Community Players in Morpeth perform the comedy It’s On, It’s Off, by Ray Lawrence, in the church hall later this month.

It is a modern play, which centres around the stresses and strains a family endures while they prepare for the wedding of a daughter. Or do they? Well, Gerald and Daphne Humphreys certainly did when Tina, their daughter, was due to be married.

What could go wrong does go wrong. Throw an incompetent brother into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

How much can a father-of-the-bride take before his stress levels burst the bubble and he explodes? Not much in Gerald’s case.

Poor Daphne, the solid ground upon which this family survives, is trying her best to ensure that her daughter’s wedding day plans stay afloat, while the jagged rocks of despair and disaster loom ever closer.

Brenda Joy and David Kiely have agreed to co-produce this play for the drama group.

“We have assembled a strong cast who we feel have the confidence to perform this comedy,” said David.

But he added a word of warning: “It is a modern play and therefore includes mild swearing and sexual references — all done in the best possible taste.”

The cast of It’s On, It’s Off have been rehearsing two nights a week since early January for this production, and some will be familiar to the audience.

However, David Swinton, who has produced many plays for the players in the past, gets his chance to tread the boards on this occasion, as does Joann Evans.

“Joann has had a few small parts within the group and has volunteered to be prompt in many previous plays,” added David. “This is her opportunity to take centre stage as Daphne, whilst another newish face is Janet Robinson, who rejoined the group after an absence due to work and family commitments. We were thrilled when she auditioned for a role in this play and it’s good to have her back on the stage.

“Everything is ready so if you want to share in their disaster, sorry, wedding day plans, then we’d be delighted to welcome you to our performances where we can guarantee a laugh out loud show.”

David also paid tribute to stage manager/set designer Robin Heron. He said: “We’re not using a main curtain on stage and Robin has designed a zany stage set, which looks fantastic.”

The show will run from March 22 to 24, at St George’s Church Hall.