Players tackle comedy with a slow start but full of laughter

Phew! What a day in the Humphreys household.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 11:24 am
Morpeth Players take on It's On, It's Off.

The St George’s Community Players tackled Ray Lawrence’s two-act comedy It’s On, It’s Off in the church hall last week, and after the final curtain the audience was left to assume that Tina’s planned wedding, which was still two days away, had a happy ending.

Oh dear, what problems and obstacles the family had to overcome in the run up to the big day.

Combing back several years, the situation surrounding Gerald Humphreys (David Swinton), his wife Daphne (Joann Evans) and Angela Hill (Bridget Rowbottom) was the chief stumbling block, but the on-off situation of the wedding finally appeared to get the green light after infidelity, which had reared its head, was clarified.

It has to be said that the opening act was neither side-splitting nor the most exhilarating.

However, after the interval, the intensity of the play increased and provided the audience with plenty of laughs.

Then, just when it appeared everything was back on track, there was yet another twist for the family to overcome when a representative from the church telephoned to say the vicar was unavailable to conduct the ceremony.

Full credit to co-producers Brenda Joy and David Kiely, who ensured that Mr Swinton, Ms Evans and Ms Rowbottom, as well as Josh Beasley (Robert Humphreys) and Janet Robinson (Monica Cauldwell), all played their parts to the full.

However, Grace Winpenny as bride-to-be Tina was outstanding.

One interesting aspect was the reaction of the audience to the mild swearing and sexual references in this modern play.

On opening night there were a few tuts from people, but these were largely put aside when the action gathered pace in the second half.

Lara Simpson was the prompt, Pete Ozers was responsible for lighting and sound, and Robin Herron produced an unusual stage set.

Brian Bennett