PM’s praise for superfast broadband campaigner

Prime Minister David Cameron has praised a campaign to deliver superfast broadband across Northumberland.

Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick Anne-Marie Trevelyan founded the Broadband4Northumberland campaign four years ago to push for a speedy roll-out of fibre investment throughout the county.

The latest figures show that 36,713 homes and businesses in Northumberland now have superfast broadband.

Mr Cameron said: “Good, fast internet access is vital, both for businesses who need to be able to operate efficiently and for hard-working families.

“Anne-Marie Trevelyan has been a vocal campaigner on this issue and I am pleased that good progress is being made in Northumberland, and across the country, through our superfast broadband roll-out plan.”

Mrs Trevelyan continues to campaign for BT and Northumberland County Council to speed up work on taking connections to small rural villages and hamlets.

“I continue to work village by village with local people to get fibre and superfast broadband into every community,” she said.

“In recent weeks we have made some progress for Eshott and Alnham church so we will get there. If a community wants to contact me about pushing harder at BT’s door they should just give me a call any time.”