POLITICS: County Hall move opposed

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The letter from Jack Gebbard suggests that the Conservatives are the only party opposing the move of County Hall in the forthcoming elections, (Morpeth Herald, March 16). That is wrong.

The Green Party also opposes the move, and strongly supports the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan.

Nic Best, the Green Party candidate for Morpeth North in the upcoming county elections, has played a big role in putting the plan together and is working hard to protect and enhance trade in Morpeth town centre.

While it is welcome that the Conservatives also oppose the relocation of County Hall, it cannot be overlooked that this Conservative Government has done much to unleash the current tidal wave of unwanted housing on the town through its changes to long-standing planning rules.

Meanwhile, the county council still has not produced its Core Strategy, which might have helped fend off the developers, but Tory county councillors refuse even to take part in the all-party Core Strategy Working Group to help put the strategy in place.

Peter Fuller