POLITICS: No guarantee of transparency

I read MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan's column with interest, (Morpeth Herald, September 14).

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 24 September, 2017, 06:00

It seems she does not understand how Parliamentary democracy works, which is a shame as she is one of our county’s MPs.

The problem with the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is not that much EU law is transferred to UK law, but that the Government of the day has complete freedom to amend such law.

While she may promise transparency, there is no guarantee of this, and that is simply not acceptable.

There are many good EU laws in place, designed to protect all sorts of things, such as working regulations and the food we eat.

To remove such safeguards is simply undemocratic and shows the apparent disregard this Government has for the people of this country.

Dr Peter Allan

Kings Avenue