Call for law to save bogs

NEW labelling laws should be introduced to help save peat bogs, a North East MEP has said.

Stephen Hughes is calling for the compulsory labelling of peat to ensure gardeners can choose more environmentally-friendly peat-free products.

Voluntary labelling schemes are already in operation across the EU, but Mr Hughes believes that compulsory labelling is necessary to help protect peat bogs — one of Europe’s rarest and most threatened habitats.

“The European Commission has so far refused to go beyond a voluntary peat-labelling scheme, yet they can’t tell me what difference it has made,” he said.

“The destruction of our peat bogs continues and means a loss of habitat for rare species and increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Yet its loss is so utterly unnecessary when there are plenty of more effective, low-cost alternatives available.

“I would urge everyone to try to ensure they only buy peat-free products, but we need to help consumers to make this choice. I believe a compulsory labelling system is the very least we should be doing to help consumers.”