Lavery looks to his roots

WANSBECK MP Ian Lavery is looking to his union roots with his latest appointment.

The former Ellington Colliery worker, who served as President of the National Union of Mineworkers before taking his seat, has been elected Chairman of the Trade Union Group of Labour Members of Parliament.

He said: “As a group of MPs we have an important role to play in Parliament representing the views and interests of millions of trade unionists across the country.”

Mr Lavery said he will begin his new role by campaigning against the recommendations of the Beecroft Report, which would make it easier for employers to dismiss their workers.

“As Labour MPs we must not fall into the trap of accepting compromises on certain parts of the Beecroft recommendations,” he said.

“People must be aware that this is only the beginning of an all-out assault on working people and if Labour wins the next election we must repeal Beecroft in its entirety.”

The trade union group position was previously held by Manchester MP Tony Lloyd, who is standing down to run for election as Greater Manchester’s first Police Commissioner.