MP’s open invitation to business task force

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MP GUY Opperman has issued an open invitation to North East businesses to sign up to a new task force.

The Hexham member, whose constituency covers Ponteland, chairs the North East Business Task Force, which has been set up to promote the region’s business interests directly to the Government.

It is a non-political group and Mr Opperman will submit a dossier to the Chancellor and Treasury team based on the task force’s discussions, as well as try to set up a meeting between ministers and a north east delegation of business leaders.

In his keynote speech at the North East Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, the MP invited all entrepreneurs to join the group.

He said: “I hope this can be a real route to giving north east business a clear voice in government.

“The response from business has already been very strong and I have been inundated with messages.

“It’s a complex conversation, but already it’s clear small firms in the region are suffering under Government red tape.

“Not surprising when you consider we have 22,000 laws and regulations covering business.

“I will also be taking back the clear message to Westminster that the banks have lost touch with business and are refusing credit to good, profitable, well run companies, stifling growth in the region’s private sector.”