MP welcomes medals for convoy heroes

RECOGNITION for veterans who took part in the Arctic Convoys to Russia during the Second World War has been welcomed by Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith.

Merchant ship convoys with escorts from the Royal Navy helped supply the Soviet Union between 1941 and 1945. These veterans have qualified for the Atlantic Star, but they did not receive a separate campaign medal.

However, Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced in the House of Commons that the medals would be issued to them following an official review by Sir John Holmes.

Sir Alan said: “I am delighted that proper recognition is at last being given to those who fought and risked their lives for our country.

“A commitment to review the rules surrounding the award of military campaign medals was included in the Coalition Agreement as part of our work to strengthen the military covenant.

“Those who sailed with the Russian convoys showed great courage and selflessness and the contribution they made to the course of the war is finally to be recognised by a medal.”