Potholed road named worst in the country

Councillors David Towns, Andrew Tebbutt and David Moor with the dropped kerb at Abbey Mills along the Mitford Road.'Story Anna.
Councillors David Towns, Andrew Tebbutt and David Moor with the dropped kerb at Abbey Mills along the Mitford Road.'Story Anna.

A ROAD between Morpeth and Cambo has won an infamous national title.

The judges of a poll organised by car warranty company Warranty Direct named the B6343 as the worst in the country for potholes in the major road category.

County councillors whose wards cover the route are urging the authority to spend Government money that has been provided to help repair road networks following the extreme winter weather as a matter of urgency.

Work is scheduled to be carried out this summer on the worst sections.

Ulgham councillor David Towns said: “It is no great surprise to me that the B6343 has been judged the worst road in Britain.

“The stretch between Abbey Mill and Mitford is particularly poor and as a resident of Mitford myself, I have to navigate around potholes and deep channels on a daily basis. The adjoining St Leonard’s Lane is not much better. Locals have complained to me about damage to tyres and suspension and I am very concerned that there will be a serious accident soon, now that we’re approaching summer when the bikers will be out in force.

“Things have improved since winter when the road really did feel and look like something from a war-torn country.

“The bridge at High Ford was particularly bad and this has been patched, but such temporary measures are not really effective solutions.

“I have continually highlighted the state of this road to the council since my election in 2008 and some improvement works have been undertaken in response to that pressure.

“The council Administration’s programme of cuts has meant that already poor roads have simply been left to get worse, but hopefully an injection of Government money will find its way along the B6343.”

Coun Richard Dodd, whose Ponteland North ward includes places along the road such as Hartburn and Scots Gap, said: “The lack of investment in our roads hasn’t just arisen, it has taken place over decades.

“The B6343 is in a very bad state and if all of this extra money from the Government will be spent on road repairs and not shifted somewhere else, I hope a decent amount will be allocated to this road.

“There’s more needed to make a road work than laying Tarmac and filling potholes — the infrastructure around it, such as drains and ditches, needs to be right or it won’t take much to cause some damage so this also needs to be addressed.”

Council Head of Highways and Neighbourhood Services Andy Rutherford said: “This stretch of road will have substantial overlay work carried out on the worst sections of the B6343 during this summer and is considered to be a priority in this year’s highway construction works programme.

“These works will be funded from the recent extra government grant to repair winter damage to the county highway network.”