POTHOLES: Issues need to be resolved

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Given the infrastructure work that has taken place on Dark Lane, Dacre Street and Wellway of late, I hope that the potholes on Stanley Terrace receive some active consideration too.

It is a busy local road, whether you are a pedestrian, bus user, car driver or passenger and there are certainly one or two issues there.

I would expect the condition of the roads and pavements to be mentioned at the forthcoming town council assembly so that our town councillors can raise concerns.

I am also surprised that with all the regulations and standards in the NHS that there is no standard set for the amount of money each trust spends on food for patients.

If you are taken ill, the issue of what the food will be like won’t cross your mind in an ambulance, but during a stay of a few days in hospital it is indeed likely to cross your mind.

But the issue of the variation in money spent on patients food between trusts has been around for years, but there has it seems been less progress on the issue than there has been on making school dinners more healthy for the young.

Another issue is that of the BID (Business Initiative District). I wasn’t surprised by the decision against bringing a Bid scheme to Morpeth, given the challenge other similar schemes have faced and the issue of local businesses financing the scheme.

Hopefully, during the run up to the vote people both for and against the scheme will have given thought on what can be done to improve the local economy.

When the Chamber of Trade talks to town and county council about the town, it needs an idea of what its proprieties are to be able to test the water to see if its vision for Morpeth matches that of the town and county councils.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue