Potholes litter village roads

Pegswood potholes.
Pegswood potholes.

POTHOLES have returned to haunt a mid-Northumberland village this year after another severe winter.

Last January, the roads in Pegswood became littered with potholes and many of these holes have returned.

Simon Willcox, chairman of Pegswood Parish Council, said: “There’s been a number of complaints.

“Between Whorral Bank and the village has the worst of it and a number of the potholes seem to be the same ones as last winter, which shows the superficial repairs that they did last year.”

Mr Willcox also said that the county council are aware of the problems and that they are on the system for “as and when there’s money to repair them.”

Richard Hayes, Highways Area Manager for the North said: “With the severe weather we have experienced so far this winter, which has seen extremely low temperatures over a prolonged period, we would expect potholes to appear in the road surface and for defects to appear on pavements where damage has been caused by water that has frozen and expanded in cracks in the surface.

“In villages such as Pegswood, fixing damage to flagged footpaths is an immediate priority for us so that pedestrians are not in danger from tripping or falling on a damaged surface.”

He added: “We have teams inspecting the road network for damage and we are undertaking urgent repairs as soon as possible.

“A priority system for identifying and repairing all potholes is in place and repairs are carried out within certain timescales determined by risk assessment, the type of road they are on, the amount of traffic using that road and the nature and extent of the pothole or road defect.

“As always,we encourage residents to contact us on 0845 600 6400 to report any local problems as this will allow us to identify those areas which need particular attention.”