Praise for work of NEAT team

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

The work of the county council’s neighbourhood environmental action team (NEAT) in Morpeth has been praised.

A summary of its activities was included in a property and assets report to members of Morpeth Town Council’s Finance and General Purposes Committee, which was discussed during a meeting of the committee last week.

Workers who are part of a NEAT inspect equipment, signage and play areas, among other surfaces, clear litter and debris, carry out repairs and make areas safe and do some routine maintenance.

Partnership arrangements with town and parish councils enable them to enhance the core service provided by the county council to meet the requirements of communities.

This can include using additional funds from town and parish councils to invest in extra staff and equipment.

The Morpeth NEAT team mows grass within boundaries of Carlisle Park, Church Walk and Stobhillgate play areas, cuts hedges across the park, maintains the riverside walk through strimming and edging and maintains fencing and pathways at all play areas.

In addition, its workers carry out weekly maintenance at all allotment sites, which includes clearing weeds and debris, maintenance at the Cenotaph, cleaning of all street furniture and removal of graffiti.

Coun Les Cassie said that although he had some doubts initially, he is pleased that the partnership is working very well and the NEAT team has been able to do a great deal of good work.

At the same meeting, it was revealed that the town council is in the process of getting costs for potential improvements to the side of the skate park in the under-used basketball court.