Private nursery in Morpeth hosts Danish educators

Goosehill Private Nursery in Morpeth hosted a visit from Danish educators.
Goosehill Private Nursery in Morpeth hosted a visit from Danish educators.

An outstanding nursery and nature kindergarten is hosting international study visits from Scandinavian educators.

For the project, Goosehill Private Nursery in Morpeth is working with Challenging Learning.

Earlier this month, the nursery hosted a visit from 14 professionals from Vejle Kommune, in Denmark, who were keen to learn about some of the practices and special strategies that the nursery employs.

The group consisted of Danish consultants, educators and policy makers all keen to learn and develop new pedagogical methods to support early learning in Vejle.

The nursery is run by educational psychologist, teacher and early-years specialist, Amanda Willis.

She has taken inspiration from the approach and theory of James and Jill Nottingham, directors of Challenging Learning.

She has adapted some of their methods for developing dialogue and questioning with young children.

James is highly-renowned in the world of education, delivering worldwide training.

“Challlenging Learning is delighted to have worked alongside Goosehill Private Nursery for more than a decade now,” he said.

“Partnerships such as these that combine international inspiration with local excellence are the foundation of the very best forms of education.”

Amanda added: “Staff at the nursery are all very pleased and proud that educators from abroad are travelling to our hometown to learn about the ideas used by us.

“In addition to the methods we employ indoors, our children also attend nature kindergarten three days a week.

“I believe passionately that young children today should be given the opportunity to play and learn in the natural world away from TV screens and iPads.

“The countless benefits of outdoor learning have a real positive impact on children’s lives; our kindergarten offers first-hand experiences of life and growth, endless opportunities to solve problems and to be creative and imaginative and obviously improves fitness and physical development.

“It is wonderful to be able to exchange knowledge with practitioners from Denmark and to share practices used in the early years.”