Quirky coffins help folk to go as they please

One of the black and white individualised coffins from Whalton-based The Coffin Company.
One of the black and white individualised coffins from Whalton-based The Coffin Company.

A NEW Whalton-based business is giving more power to the people for funerals.

Individuals and families who want something a bit different for their own, or a loved one’s, send-off can get creative through The Coffin Company.

Co-Director Mark Watson believes the industry is too closed at the moment and customers should have more choice, whether it’s a coffin painted with the person’s favourite football team colours or a certain phrase on the side.

So he has gone into business with Carl Marlow, who has been helping people who do not want a full traditional service with his company Go As You Please for more than 10 years.

The Coffin Company also claims that people will save money by getting a casket from an alternative source.

Mr Watson said: “People have the perception that all funerals have to be organised and carried out in a certain way, but they have much more choice than they realise.

“Most people will deal directly with a funeral director and at a time of great personal sadness and loss this is totally understandable, but we are here for those who want the funeral to be more of a celebration of their loved one’s life and mark their personality.

“By offering high quality personalised coffins we give them more choice and interaction because families can ask for a certain design, such as in the person’s football team colours, the Union Jack, or for words and phrases on the side that they often said or want to be associated with.

“We can also send people a white or black coffin if they wish to do some decorating themselves before passing it on to the funeral director.

“And this service will save customers hundreds of pounds on funeral directors’ prices because even good quality coffins don’t have to be as expensive as they generally are in the industry.”

Wooden caskets and eco-friendly wicker coffins are available, along with a range of accessories, with more products and services in the pipeline.

They are available to people across the UK and Mr Watson said the business is trying to advertise on the QVC television programme.

“It has taken us three years to get in a position to start trading at a national level, but it was worth it because we have everything in place to be successful, including our founder Carl, who has a lot of experience in meeting people’s needs when it comes to funerals away from the norm,” he added.

“The feedback we have received so far has been very positive and I believe that in five years’ time what we are doing will be a much more common practice — one of the last closed industries will finally start to open up.”

The company is also looking to link up with a local charity through the Gift Aid scheme.

For more information, visit www.coffincompany.co.uk