Rain fails to dull village fair day

John and Sam Prescott with the class winners from the Pet Show.
John and Sam Prescott with the class winners from the Pet Show.

PEOPLE of all ages turned out in good numbers despite some rain to enjoy shows and entertainment at Longhorsley Village Day.

It started with the ‘West Run’ – a 4.5 mile run around the lanes to the west of the village.

In St Helen’s First School hall, judges had a fantastic display of crafts and produce to examine and many excited children gathered with pets of all descriptions on the village green for the children’s pet show, organised by vets John and Sam Prescott.

Other competitions included Longhorsley’s Got Talent, a village Scarecrow contest and Best Village Garden.

The school field was filled with an array of tents and stalls run by a variety of groups including St Helens First School PTA, Brownies, WI, Scouts, St Helen’s Church, New Hope for Children and the local playgroup to name but a few.

Schoolchildren put on an excellent display of traditional country dancing, led by Anne Stephenson, and live music was provided by ‘Steel Quake’ – a youth Steel Pan Band from Wooler.

Trophies and prizes were presented at the end of the day by Ajay Bedi of Tyne Tees.

Longhorsley Village Day Chairman Neil Fraser said: “This event brings together the whole community in a fun packed day with competitions involving runners, pets, bakers, crafters, singers, dancers and gardeners.

“The schoolchildren never fail to disappoint with their traditional dancing demonstration and again this year the steel pans were a thrill. Despite the weather, it seemed like the whole village was there, supporting the various stalls run by local charities and good causes.

“Preparing for Village Day is always hard work with lots of ‘behind the scenes’ activities throughout the year, but it is all worthwhile to see such a high level of good old fashioned community spirit.

“Later this year we hope to hold a fundraising event so that we can make Village Day 2012 even better.”


Overall Show Winner – Smallwood Shield: Jayne Healicon.

West Run Overall Winner – Chris Dentice Shield: Jonnie Nisbit. First Female – Shield: Yasmine Shafiq. Fastest girl U13: Charlotte Jewell. Fastest boy U13: Adam Shafiq. Fastest girl U19: Yasmine Shafiq. Fastest boy U19: Jonnie Nisbit.

Children’s pet show champion: Laura Young with Ollie the dog. Reserve champion: Adam Horner with Patch the guinea pig.

Longhorsley’s Got Talent: Kyloe Usher doing street dancing.

Best Scarecrow competition: 1 James Jarecki, with Pirate; 2 Glyn and Margaret Scott; 3 Ian Plenderleith.

Garden competition: 1 Mille Woods; 2 Di Bell.

Floral art

Most point in floral art section - Longhorsley Parish Council Floral Art Rose Bowl: Anne Thomas.Floral Arrangement: 1 Anne Thomas; 2 Christine Jarecki; 3 Margaret Wilkinson.The Beauty of Foliage: 1 Anne Thomas; 2 Margaret Wilkinson; 3 Christine Jarecki. A Lady’s Spray: 1 Anne Thomas. Small Basket Arrangement (U16s): 1 Alice Bruce; 2 Rose Burn.

Flowers, fruit and veg.

Most points in Flowers, Fruit and Veg - Longhorsley Parish Council Flowers Fruit and Veg Cup: Kevin Woods. Most outstanding Flowers or Pot Plant - Bruce Lowrie Memorial Trophy: Anne Thomas Most outstanding vegetable/fruit - Heighley Gate Cup: Kevin Woods. Floral Arrangement: 1 Anne Thomas. Beauty of Foliage: 1 Anne Thomas; 2 Margaret Wilkinson. A Lady’s Spray: 1 Alice Bruce. Table Centre Piece: 1 Brenda Burn; 2 Margaret Scott; 3 Alice Bruce. Single Rose: 1 Jayne Healicon; 2 Gillian Park; 3 Eve Massey. Three Roses: 1 & 2 Di Bell; 3 Margaret Scott. Vase of Cut Flowers: 1 Di Bell; 2 Ian Plenderleith; 3 Val Stevens.

Radishes: 1 Kevin Woods; 2 Lynn Hogan; 3 Alf Jarecki. Beetroot: 1 Kevin Monaghan; 2 Kevin Woods; 3 Tom Lowrie. Potatoes: 1 Kevin Woods; 2 Ian Plenderleith; 3 Kevin Monaghan. Soft Fruit: 1 & Margaret Scott; 3 Brenda Burn. Tray of Different Veg: 1 Kevin Woods; 2 Kevin Monaghan; 3 Ian Plenderleith.


Most points in cookery - Longhorsley Parish Council Cookery Cup: Mary Stephenson. Most outstanding cookery exhibition - Stephenson Milk Cup: Karen Copeland. Fruit scones: 1 Mary Stephenson; 2 Anne Thomas; 3 Brenda Worley. Shortbread: 1 Mary Stephenson; 2 Anna Comber; 3 Rose Burn. Apple pie: 1 Jayne Healicon; 2 Mary Stephenson. Flapjack: 1 Anna Riley; 2 Anna Comber; 3 Kirstine Davis. Cup cakes: 1 Jayne Healicon; 2 Scott Wedel; 3 Tim Fish. Carrot Cake: 1 Karen Copeland; 2 Nicky Dinsdale; 3 Tim Fish. Loaf of bread: 1 Jayne Healicon; 2 Sarah Lowrie; 3 Karen Fish. Victoria sandwich cake: 1 Ian Plenderleith; 2 Anna Comber; 3 Mary Stephenson. Sweets: 1 Alison Rutherford; 2 Flora Burn. Jam: 1 Diane Armstrong; 2 Mary Stephenson; 3 Margaret Scot. Chutney: 1 Louise Metcalfe; 2 Craig Lough; 3 Diane Armstrong.

Art and handicraft

Most points in Art and Handicraft - Longhorsley Parish Council Art and Handicraft Cup: Maureen Taylor. Most Outstanding Art and Handicraft Exhibit - Bellway Homes Trophy: Craig Lough. Painting or drawing: 1 Brian Moon; 2 Morag Burn; 3 Jayne Healicon. Tapestry: 1 B Galloway; 2 Lizzy Prescott; 3 Lesley Roskilly. Hand knitted or crocheted article: 1 Dorren Lee; 2 Margaret Scott; 3 Catherine Fraser. Greetings Card: 1 Alan Etchells; 2 & 3 Maureen Taylor. Woodwork: 1 Craig Lough; 2 Alf Jarecki; 3 Neil Fraser. Handmade jewellery: 1 & 2 Maureen Taylor. Fabric Item: 1 Margaret Moon; 2 Dorren Lee; 3 Alison Moon. Photograph “Country Life”: 1 Sam Prescot; 2 Alison Rutherford; 3 Ed Dinsdale. Original poem: 1 Tom Robbins; 2 Anne Thomas; 3 John Smith.

Children’s and young person’s

Most points Pre-School - Heslop Trophy: Emily Rutherford. Most points First School - Village Hall Trophy: Rhys Hussey. Most points Middle School - Longhorsley Show Children’s Cup: Emma Loughnane. Jubilee Cup - Best Exhibit in Children’s Section: Rhys Hussey.


Painting or drawing: 1 Olivia Young; 2 Ben Lowrie. Face on paper plate: 1 Emily Rutherford. Mr Potato Head: 1 Livia Harvey. Edible Necklace: 1 Emily Rutherford; 2 Ben Lowrie.

First School

Painting or drawing: 1 Andrew Moon; 2 Phil Riley; 3 Jack Prescott. Photograph: 1 & 2 Rhys Hussey. Handwriting: 1 Heidi Protheroe; 2 Caitlin Gallon-Young; 3 Aimee Madine. Bookmark: 1 Hannah Davis; 2 Jack Prescott; 3 Adam Lowrie. Cup cakes: 1 Phil Riley; 2 Georgina Fish, Ben Fish. Face on paper plate: 1 Joe Prescott; 2 Phil Riley; 3 Ben Fish. Bookmark: 1 Lauren Lough; 2 Charlotte Mathewson; 3 Andrew Moon. Vegetable/fruit creature: 1 Jack Loughnane; 2 Hannah Davies; 3 Eve Massey. Garden in Biscuit tin: 1 Rhys Hussey; 2 Ellie May Harvey; 3 Georgina Fish.

Middle School

Painting or drawing: 1 Emma Loughnane; 2 Rachael Hogan; 3 Charlotte Mathewson Photograph: 1 Sam Robbins; 2 Sarah Armstrong; 3 Alice Bruce. Original Poem: 1 Natasha Gray; 2 Flora Burn; 3 Kerry Park. Computer Generated Picture: 1 Rachel Moon; 2 Emma Loughnane; 3 Sarah Armstrong, Alice Bruce. Handicraft: 1 Flora Burn; 2 Kerry Park; 3 Emma Loughnane. Cup cakes: 1 Rachel Kennedy; 2 Rachel Hogan; 3 Emma Loughnane. Vegetable/fruit creature: 1 Emma Loughnane; 2 Charlotte Mathewson; 3 Flora Burn. Garden in biscuit tin: 1 Natasha Gray; 2 Emma Loughnane; 3 Eleni Woodfine-Rendles.