Readers prove it pays to buy the Herald

Morpeth Herald winner Raymond Frazer.
Morpeth Herald winner Raymond Frazer.

TWO loyal Morpeth Herald readers have earned themselves free shopping simply by carrying their favourite weekly paper.

Each week we are giving two people the chance to claim £10 of shopping each, in conjunction with Morpeth’s Sanderson Arcade.

Readers just have to be photographed by our staff carrying their Morpeth Herald and if their picture is published they have won a shopping trip at the busy arcade.

This week our first winner was Alan Smith.

He said: “I buy the Herald every week.

“I find it a good source to keep up with the local news and events.

“I was pleased to support the Herald’s petition for the flood works because that is very important to local people of the town. It’s a good campaign.”

Raymond Frazer was spotted with his paper just minutes after buying it.

He said: “I buy the Morpeth Herald quite often, but sometimes I miss it. I do like the local news, that is the main reason I buy it, and today I got a free book as well.”

For your chance to win, carry your Herald and look out for our photographer.