Reassurance on possible sell-off

THERE are no plans to sell off any Morpeth car parks, a councillor has said.

The issue was raised by businessman Jimmy Bell as the Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade discussed parking with officers from Northumberland County Council.

Mr Bell said: “Can we have a commitment that the county council will not sell off any more car parks countywide? Taking the Manchester Street car park out in Morpeth was the nail in the coffin for the top part of Newgate Street.”

Coun Andrew Tebbutt said there are no plans to sell Morpeth car parks, but it can not be ruled out for the county altogether.

He said: “Any politician who was daft enough to consider selling a car park in Morpeth would not survive very long.

“In terms of any other car parks across the county, I couldn’t say we wouldn’t sell car parks because there may be some car parks in areas that are not of any use.

“As far as the market towns are concerned, I can’t imagine that there is any car park that we wouldn’t want to use as a car park. As far as I know, no piece of land that is being used as a car park is being considered for sale.”

County Parking Manager Lynne Ryan said there is one site in Hexham that may be sold.