Record number of entries for show

There were a record number of entries at the Stannington Make, Bake and Grow Show.

Villagers turned out in large numbers to support the event on Saturday, which helped to raise funds for the local school, church and village hall.

Alister Yeaman took first place in the Mens Flower arrnging competition

Alister Yeaman took first place in the Mens Flower arrnging competition

The day began with a parade of Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums Band through the village, before county councillor Eileen Armstrong opened proceedings.

There were various classes, games and races, and Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service took along one of their engines to show off. An auction of produce at The Ridley Arms rounded off the show.

Stannington Parish Council Chairman Karen Carins, who helped to organise the event, said: “Stannington Make, Bake and Grow fifth annual show had a brilliant day. “The exhibits were outstanding, particularly the children’s section. The men’s flower arranging demonstration was hilarious, all the side shows proved popular, particularly the village stocks, and the animal section with the dog show and ferret rescue stall delighted everyone. The scarecrow section with David Clark, our resident MC ‘scarecrow’, entertained everyone too.

“The children loved the egg and spoon race and the smoothie bike, which was sponsored by Stannington Neighbourhood Plan. The fire brigade kindly demonstrated their fire engine, and unexpectedly excited onlookers by being called out not once, but twice during the show. “The show ended with a wheelbarrow race in front of The Ridley Arms. The winning competitor, Philip Holmes, managed to finish the course with his cargo of eggs unbroken.

“The show team wish to thank everyone who attended, all our sponsors who gave so generously, and The Ridley Arms for making it the best show yet.”



Hargreaves Shield, most points children’s sections: Beth McFetrich; Banks Shield, most points in show: Sandra Dickinson; Silver Salver, best cookery exhibit: Helen Burn; J.O.S. Agricultural Shield: Roger Dickinson; Best In Show, mini make: Beth McFetrich, squirrel; Best In Show, mini bake: Beth McFetrich, fairy cakes; Best In Show, mini grow: Ella McFetrich, garden; Best Sunflower: Sophie Myerscough; Best Scarecrow: The Hepton Family; Best Dog In Show: Hayward (Darcy); Make Best In Show: Susan Hunter; Bake Best In Show: Helen Burn; Grow Best In Show: Gary Thompson; Most Points In Show: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 51, 2 Karen Carins, 45, 3 Chris Armstrong, 25.


Coloured embroidery silk: 1 Helen Lawson, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Barbara Storey; knitted item: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Sandra Kerr, 3 Karen Carins; item of any country craft: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Mark Legard, 3 Karen Carins; homemade card: 1 Barbara Storey, 2 Sophie Myerscough, 3 Sandra Dickinson; decorated wooden spoon: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Beth McFetrich, 3 Sandra Dickinson; painting, red squirrel: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Susan Moore, 3 Liz Ferguson; homemade sewn item: 1 Kirsten Graham, 2 Barbara Storey, 3 Robyn Black; photo, landscape: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Claire Dumbleton, 3 Anne Ritchie; photo, animal: 1 Mark Legard, 2 Helen Lawson, 3 Stephen Pierce; photo, floral: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Susan Wilson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; photo, agriculture: 1 Lucy Philipson, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Shaun Rochester; photo, children at play: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Sandy Sanderson.


Four cheese scones: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Dianne Mcloan, 3 Anne Wilson; four plain scones: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Anne Wilson, 3 Olivia, Abigail and Sue Thompson; four drop scones: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Karen Carins; four shortbread biscuits: 1 Christine Scott, 2 Rosie Philipson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; four rock buns: 1 Gillian Wood, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Katie Lawson; four decorated cup cakes: 1 Sandra Kerr, 2 Kathryn Evans, 3 Karen Carins; Victoria sandwich: 1 Helen Burn, 2 Kay and David Hampson, 3 Christine Kershaw; Swiss roll: 1 Susan Moore, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Susan Hunter; gingerbread: 1 Colin Thompson, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Helen Lawson; fruit cake: 1 Anne Wilson, 2 Ann Ritchie, 3 Sandra Dickinson; fruit pie, apple: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Ann Ritchie, 3 Isobel Legard; savoury flan: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Rosie Philipson, 3 Chris Armstrong; savoury pie: 1 Sara Yeaman, 2 Kate Truby, 3 Jill Rice; loaf of bread, breadmaker: 1 Mike Calder, 2 Susan Hunter; loaf of bread, non-breadmaker: 1 Anne Wilson, 2 Peter Neville, 3 Karen Carins; jam, any variety: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Kylie Wilson, 3 Katie Lawson; lemon curd: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Susan Hunter; raspberry jam: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Anne Wilson, 3 Karen Carins; marmalade: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Sandra Dickinson; jar jelly: 1 Michael Dungait Snr, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Robson Philipson; chutney, any variety: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Susan Wilson, 3 Katie Lawson; bottle of flavoured spirit: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Karen Graham; The Hollywood Challenge Chocolate Cake, men only, (a)flavour: 1 Richard Philipson, 2 Michael Dungait Snr, 3 Philip Holmes; (b)presentation: 1 Michael Dungait Snr, 2 Philip Holmes, 3 Richard Philipson.


Tallest sunflower: 1 Sophie Myerscough, 2 Kay and David Hampson, 3 Oli Sexton; largest sunflower head: 1 Robson Philipson, 2 Susan Wilson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; leek: 1 P. Leathard, 2 Robert Clavering; heaviest onion: 1 Gary Thompson, 2 Roy Hayward, 3 Susan Wilson; heaviest turnip: 1 Susan Wilson, 2 E. Urwin, 3 P. Leathard; heaviest pumpkin: 1 P. Leathard, 2 Andy Cook, 3 Gary Thompson; heaviest marrow: 1 and 2 Gary Thompson, 3 Andy Cook; heaviest cabbage: 1 Susan Wilson, 2 Mark Legard, 3 Susan Rochester; three onions: 1 Roy Hayward, 2 Raymond Martin, 3 Susan Wilson; four potatoes: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 P. Leathard; four beetroot: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Chris Armstrong, 3 Susan Hunter; four tomatoes: 1 Kay and David Hampson, 2 Karen Carins, 3 P. Leathard; cucumber: 1 Susan Wilson, 2 Robert Clavering, 3 Sandra Dickinson; four pieces of fruit: 1 Louise Smith, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Karen Carins; unusual shaped vegetable: 1 Shaun Rochester, 2 Robson Philipson, 3 Christine Scott; foliage arrangement: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Sandy Sanderson, 3 Karen Carins; vase of sweet peas: 1 Chris Armstrong, 2 Sandra Dickinson; five dahlias, single variety: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 P. Leathard; five dahlias, mixed variety: 1 Lynn Kelly, 2 Chris Armstrong; flowering houseplant: 1 Isobel Legard, 2 Gillian Wood; mini arrangement of flowers: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Helen Murphy, 3 Sandy Sanderson; three roses: 1 Brian Sanderson/Kelly Fearon, 3 Louise Smith; gent’s buttonhole: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Sandy Sanderson; lady’s spray: 1 Chris Armstrong/Sandra Dickinson, 3 Karen Carins; floral arrangement, men only: 1 Alistair Yeaman, 2 Richard Philipson, 3 Colin Thompson; three eggs: 1 R. Moore, 2 Max and Freddie Raimes, 3 John Wilson; wheat: 1 Michael Dungait Snr, 2 R. Moore, 3 Roger Dickinson; barley: 1 R. Moore, 2 Roger Dickinson, 3 Michael Dungait Snr; oats: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 Shaun Rochester; hay: 1 Richard Philipson, 2 Rosie Philipson, 3 Roger Dickinson; horse haylage: 1 Richard Philipson, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Roger Dickinson; wheat straw: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 Michael Dungait Snr, 3 Shaun Rochester; barley straw: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 Michael Dungait Snr, 3 Shaun Rochester; oat straw: 1 E. Urwin, 2 Roger Dickinson, 3 Shaun Rochester; potato in a bucket: 1 Eunice Ridley, 2 Martin Ridley, 3 Chris Armstrong.


Best scarecrow: 1 The Hepton Family; prettiest cup and saucer: 1 Chris Armstrong/Sandra Dickinson, 2 Robson Philipson, 3 Joan Manners; tackiest souvenir: 1 Ella Mc, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Susan Wilson; best large dog: 1 Hayward, 2 Jennings, 3 Swan; best medium dog: 1 M. McGann, 2 Brown, 3 Kay Kilmurray; best small dog: 1 C. Glass, 2 R. Thompson, 3 Amelia Lawson; best dog in show: Hayward (Darcy); wacky wheelbarrow race: 1 Philip Holmes.

Mini Make

Paining, red squirrel: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Lizzie, 3 Georgina Bailey; plasticine animal: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Ella McFetrich, 3 Conall Fearon, highly commended Charlotte Holmes; lego master builder: 1 Matthew Glenny, 2 Luke Wilson, 3 Alice Hepton, highly commended James Trotter; poppy flower, any medium: 1 Marlie Bet Smith, 2 Ella McFetrich, 3 Alice Hepton, highly commended Stephen Glenns; recycled robot: 1 William Compson, 2 Conall Fearon, 3 Beth McFetrich, highly commended Stephen Glenns; handwriting: 1 Iris Rawsthorne, 2 Alice Hepton, 3 Chloe Sanderson, highly commended Sue Thompson.

Mini Bake

Fairy cakes: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Ella McFetrich, 3 Marlie Bet Smith, highly commended Lilly May Owen and Chloe Holmes; flapjack: 1 Charlotte Holmes, 2 Kitty Kilmurray, 3 Beth McFetrich, highly commended Lilly May Owen and Chloe Holmes.

Mini Grow

Vegetable animal: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 Alice Hepton, 3 Ella McFetrich, highly commended Chloe Sanderson; mini garden on a plate: 1 Ella McFetrich, 2 Beth McFetrich, 3 Georgina Bailey, highly commended Stannington First School and Chloe Holmes; edible necklace: 1 Chloe Sanderson, 2 Beth McFetrich, 3 Emily Sanderson, highly commended Ella McFetrich.

Stannington First School

Squirrel painting, three to five years: 1 Ella, 2 Jessie and Ava B, 3 Evie and Aysha; poppy painting, three to five years: 1 Skye, 2 Libby, 3 William; poppy painting, Year 3: 1 Charlotte Holmes, 2 Amelie Southerton, 3 Ruby Thompson; poppy painting, Year 4: 1 Sophie Clark, 2 Ben Wright, 3 Lochlann Thomson.