REFERENDUM: Young people deserve better

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We quite agree with Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP, that ‘We must engage young people for our future’ (Morpeth Herald, August 17).

While some of our older Angels were out on an archaeological walk recently, we noticed one young man absorbed on his mobile phone.

We asked what he was doing? He replied: “I’m checking this app which shows how many people over the age of 65 have died since the EU referendum. If we had the referendum now, the result would definitely have been Remain.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan makes no secret of being a hard Brexiter. Yet the future of the young is being cut off by the UKs efforts to leave the EU.

The two recently issued position papers on a parallel customs union and on a frictionless border with the Republic of Ireland are examples of the Government’s wishes to ‘Have our cake and eat it’.

We are already in the single market and customs union, and have a frictionless border in Ireland. Why leave the EU, and then try to re-create what we already have?

This illogical procedure must be maddening for the young. Lots of us oldies will have died off by the time it is completed. The young deserve better.

Bridget Gubbins, Angels for Europe, Morpeth

Colin Pearson, Morpeth

Clive Hughes, Ponteland

Julia Duggan, Alnwick