Resident’s anger at flood work repairs

Pretoria Avenue at Morpeth-flood prevention work-residents complaints.'REF 030914
Pretoria Avenue at Morpeth-flood prevention work-residents complaints.'REF 030914

An angry resident fears a future of potholes after his road was torn up by flood works.

The Environment Agency has recently carried out work in Pretoria Avenue as part of the Morpeth flood alleviation scheme, and made good any damage caused.

But resident Nathan Barnes is dismayed that after paying for the unadopted road to be fully resurfaced some years ago, only the part that was dug up by the agency has been replaced.

He said: “The work does look neat, but it is not of the quality that was there before. The Environment Agency dug the road up and replaced it, which looks fine, but it is not what we wanted. There is a split between the old and the new so my worry is that in five years’ time it will be broken up.

“The issues will be in winter in a hard frost. That was the cause of a problem before so we had the road re-surfaced and haven’t had a problem for 10 years, but what will happen in the next few years?

“I think we need fairness because the residents of Mitford Road seem to have had a lot of money spent on their gardens, but now I think the Environment Agency is running out of money and is trying to do less.”

Morpeth Flood Scheme Project Manager Anthony Myatt said: “Upon completion of any works we undertake, we are legally obliged to make good any damage caused and we have done so. The section of unadopted road that was affected by our works has been reinstated to Highway standard.

“We have provided a new fence along the perimeter of the Northumberland County Council car park to its requirements and to the same standard we have provided elsewhere on the project.”