Residents assured flood scheme is running to plan

RESIDENTS have been assured that the Morpeth flood scheme is running to plan amid concern about work in Mitford Road.

The Environment Agency has started to build new defences in the town as part of a £21million flood alleviation scheme.

The project involves building walls through private gardens in Mitford Road and work has already begun to create an access road to the plots, which will be taken up as the wall is built.

However, some residents have been reluctant to give contractors carte blanche to complete the work and concerns have been raised that it could put the scheme in jeopardy.

One resident, who does not wish to be named, said: “Most people have agreed reluctantly that the wall has to go through, but some residents seem to be stopping it. It means that if the wall is not there and we have high water like we had in September we could get flooded. That is extreme, but it could happen.

“One or two people have been against work in their gardens and mine has been torn to shreds, but it has to be done and the Environment Agency has been marvellous.”

Environment Agency Project Manager Anthony Myatt said negotiations are ongoing with residents, but access has been granted to all gardens and the scheme is on schedule.

He said: “As construction continues along Mitford Road we are having ongoing discussions and negotiations with residents about access and construction. We have access to all riverside gardens and work is progressing without any undue delays.

“Where residents have had queries or concerns about the work, we have worked closely with them to do our best to address their concerns and accommodate their wishes.”