Residents criticise plans for new homes

Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.
Brought to you by the Morpeth Herald.

Concerns have been raised over the potential impact of two housing applications in an area of Stannington.

Separate outline proposals have been submitted for sites on Station Road. One of them, put forward by Gordon Currie, is for the erection of up to 27 dwellings at the Stannington Nurseries Tea Room.

The other bid by Mrs N. Miller is for up to 20 residential units on land at Moor Farm Estate. More than a dozen objections have been lodged for both applications.

Mr Currie’s plans involve a range of housing types, including flats, semi detached houses and linked terraces.

The access would be moved to the centre of the scheme’s frontage to maximise the developable area of the plot.

Craig Wilson is among those opposing the proposal. His response says: ‘The blocks of apartments and density and style of housing proposed in both options is totally out of character with the nature and type of dwellings currently on the street.

‘The flats and modern style terraces are appropriate for an urban development, but are completely out of place and look incongruous amongst the fields and alongside the current properties.

‘The apartment blocks in particular would be far taller than any other structure , would not blend into the environment around them and would not enhance the local environment.’

In the design, access and planning policy statement on behalf of the applicant, Nicola Allan says: ‘Stannington Station does not have a settlement boundary and in terms of the Castle Morpeth Local Plan, it could be argued to be in the open countryside.

‘However, the county council has accepted in previous decisions that the proper approach is to look to the guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework on sustainability.

‘It is plainly a village with a wide range of housing types and a range of services. These include a farm shop, petrol filling station, restaurant and convenience store.’

The application for the Moor Farm Estate site proposes to re-use the previously developed site for housing and each one will have its own garden or amenity areas and parking.

An access road will be provided to serve all the properties.

The objectors for this bid include Sandra Davies.

Her comments include the following: ‘Station Road is an area of open countryside falling within the proposed extension to the green belt. It is special in that it is a scenic rural area.

‘It does not have enough points to warrant settlement within a boundary status, which only the residents who wish to build on their land want for the area.

‘The majority of other residents I have spoken to prefer either to remain as open country or green belt to protect us from development.’

The planning statement on behalf of the applicant by George F. White says: ‘Due to the established lawful use of the site, there are a range of other potential uses for storage of materials which must be taken into account when considering this application, as this would have a greater impact on the openness of the proposed green belt extension.

‘It would also be considerably less ‘neighbour friendly’ than the proposed scheme.’