Residents’ fury at plans for ‘hideous carbuncle’

FURIOUS residents have launched a petition against plans for a new Morpeth home.

Architect John Hare has applied for permission to build a three-storey property at the entrance to Dene View, off the A192.

But fierce opposition has been voiced by residents of the nearby Pottery Bank Court, who have described the design as a “hideous carbuncle”.

Now Maureen Davison and Mary Brown are seeking the support of neighbours to object to the proposal and will collect a petition around Pottery Bank, Bullers Green, Mitford Road and Lancaster Park.

Mrs Davison said: “I’m fairly certain that people will sign the petition because people have been amazed to find that anybody would want to try to develop that plot of land. It is the last place on earth you would expect anybody to put a home.

“It is totally out of character with the rest of the housing in that area and this will be a real blot on the land. The impact it will have will be totally out of keeping with the surrounding housing, including listed buildings.”

The proposal is for a three-bedroomed home, set into the site, with vehicular access at the basement level, parking for two vehicles and a garage. It is of a Gatehouse design, with narrow slit windows in reference to Northumbrian bastle or pele structures.

There would be a small garden and hedging to provide screening from the road, and the site is described as brownfield as other properties were there until the 1940s.

Objectors say the scheme is over-development, visually intrusive and will damage a green wildlife corridor. There are also flooding concerns and fears about road safety as there have been a number of accidents in the area.

“People are just absolutely gob-smacked when they hear about this — it is such a tiny piece of land,” said Mrs Davison.

“It is going to be massive over-development of a small plot, as well as a horrible visual impact. It is being built in a green corridor, where there is wildlife and plant life, and we even have a bat colony around here.

“The other aspect is that when we get a heavy shower there is a real flood on the road. If they build on that plot there will be a loss of greenery and soil to absorb that sort of water.

“The site has been impacted twice by vehicles in the last year. For kids to play anywhere in that area is a safety hazard. Bolland House and Bolland Nursery were impacted last year, my house has been damaged, Newminster Place was hit and there have been cars damaged in Bullers Green.

“Even though extra signage has been put on the road and an anti-skid surface, it is not stopping accidents or stopping people from speeding.”

Mr Hare said he was not aware of any objections to the development.

“It is a planning issue, but it certainly complies with planning requirements and our immediate neighbours are fine about it,” he said.

Residents’ consultation will run until Saturday, September 15.

The application is expected to be considered by Morpeth Town Council next week and a decision on whether to grant permission will be made by Northumberland County Council at a later date.