Residents help shape future of housing

THOUSANDS of residents across Northumberland are being asked to help the county council find out about future housing needs.

The authority has to develop suitable strategies to ensure that housing requirements are met and it has produced a new survey to get essential information from householders.

The survey is being sent to more than 18,000 randomly selected households in all parts of Northumberland — with residents being asked about their current and long-term needs.

Coun Tom Brechany, executive member responsible for housing and planning at Northumberland County Council, said: “I would urge anyone who receives a survey to take a few minutes to complete it, as it is important that we gain as much feedback as possible.

“The more returned surveys we receive, the wider an understanding we will have of the current housing needs of the county’s residents and their future aspirations, and will be able to plan better for the future.”

Research company DCA has been appointed to independently carry out the survey, which will be sent to people living in private and social housing, and analyse the information.

It will ask residents to comment on topics such as whether their current accommodation is adequate, if they are thinking of moving, what type of housing they would like to go to and even if they are happy with where they are now, do they want to move to a larger or different home in the future.

Households that receive the survey can either return it by post, in a reply paid envelope, or complete it online using details provided on the form.