Residents keeping an eye out for drivers breaking speed limit

A group of Ponteland residents are helping to tackle speeding in an area of Northumberland.

Since the Community Speedwatch initiative was launched in the East Tynedale police sector in early 2014, volunteers have been monitoring motorists across the sector on roads where concerns have been raised.

Anyone caught driving above the limit is sent a letter warning them that they have been caught. Those who are persistently caught speeding will be visited by a police officer.

Over the past two months, volunteers have spent ten hours monitoring 1,500 vehicles in Ponteland, Prudhoe and Stocksfield – 145 of the drivers were found to be going above the speed limit and they received a letter.

Neighbourhood Inspector Julie Cole said a number of roads in East Tynedale go between 60mph and 30mph limits.

She added: “One of the main concerns of residents is that people are driving too fast on our rural roads. Driving above the speed limit can have serious consequences.

“Community Speedwatch aims to raise awareness of speeding and educate drivers.”