Residents reassured

HOUSING bosses have assured residents they are installing their own flood protection.

Castle Morpeth Housing saw a substantial number of properties damaged in the September 2008 flood and faced a massive task carrying out repairs.

Now officials say they are disappointed at delays to flood alleviation scheme, but they are taking action to protect some homes themselves.

Managing Director Tina Drury said: “We are disappointed to hear that Morpeth’s flood defences are not to be upgraded as scheduled, following the 2008 flood. However, we are taking action ourselves to protect our tenants living in the 40 flood prone bungalows in Challoners Gardens, with the installation of new ‘flood doors’ which form a seal to keep water out.

“The doors on these properties were due to be replaced this year as part of our company-wide refurbishment programme, and we have chosen to spend 30 per cent extra per door to provide our tenants with better protection.

“We are also investing in hi-tech covers for the properties’ airbricks to help prevent flood water entering the properties.”