Residents urged to vote for area plan

Public approval of the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan is essential to keep a check on unwelcome development, former Mayor Nic Best has said.

Coun Best was asked at the Morpeth Annual Assembly what he would say to those thinking of voting against the Plan in a referendum because they were against any more development.

He said: “The Plan has to get over a number of hurdles and the final stage is a referendum. We need more than 50 per cent of the people who vote to agree to it.

“I know there is a big concern about the number of houses being built in Morpeth, but if we don’t have the Neighbourhood Plan we will have no control at all over where future houses are built.

“There has been a planning vacuum that has seen permission granted for housing in locations where we wouldn’t want it.

“If people vote against the Plan in the referendum developers will still be able to build houses without any local planning policy guidance. There would be no local management.”