Retain your electoral rights

VOTERS in Northumberland are being urged to retain their rights by renewing their electoral registration.

Forms are being delivered to all 150,000 homes in the county in the next few days as Northumberland County Council starts an annual canvass.

The exercise is completed nationally to keep the electoral roll up to date and voters are encouraged to respond as quickly as possible.

If their details have not changed they can register online, by telephone or by text, using a unique security code on their form.

However, if there are changes the form must be amended and returned by post.

Anyone who will turn 18 during the life of the register (December 1, 2011 to November 30, 2012) should also be added to the form.

Northumberland Electoral Services Manager Mick Miller said: “At every election people lose their right to vote because they don’t realise that they have to renew their registration every year. Please make sure you are not one of them by looking out for your form and replying to us promptly.”

For further information call 0845 600 6400.