Revealed: Why Brits avoid holidaying abroad

The north Northumberland coast.
The north Northumberland coast.

A new survey by holiday company Cottages in Northumberland has revealed why Brits avoided travelling abroad this summer.

The firm asked 10,000 British holidaymakers why they packed away their passports and opted to holiday closer to home. Survey participants were asked to give their reasons for the decision, with the likes of safety, language barriers and the love of home comforts topping the poll.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle

The research follows reports earlier this year that revealed a rise in people choosing to staycation rather than taking a trip abroad.

Safety first: In light of incidents such as June's hotel attack in Tunisia, 15 per cent of respondents said concerns over safety stop them from holidaying abroad. It's a particular problem for 25 to 34-year-olds, with 19.5 per cent saying they feel safer staying in the UK. A further 8 per cent of those surveyed said that flying stops them from travelling abroad, while others are choosing to holiday at home to avoid unfamiliar travel networks.

Lost in translation: A difference in language scooped a high percentage of the vote - with 32 per cent of women and 23 per cent of men citing language barriers as their primary reason for staying local. Overall, one in four respondents said that the language barrier stops them from holidaying outside the UK.

No place like home: Home comforts proved popular with many respondents, taking almost 27 per cent of the overall vote - while the love of all things British was a particularly popular choice with men, getting 26 per cent of their vote.

Culture club: The country's natural beauty and historical appeal also have a place in the nation's hearts - securing a combined total of 41 per cent in the overall survey. Other respondents offered up their own alternative answers, with the love of the British countryside and the UK's cultural diversity proving popular.

Pet peeves: Concerns over their pets proved to be a popular reason for Brits holidaying at home - with 12.2 per cent preferring to take a break with their furry friends. For other respondents, the opportunity to holiday with their dog was a big part of the British appeal - with many hotels, pubs and restaurants around the country catering for their four-legged friends.

Some respondents offered up their own alternatives with popular answers including access to transport, being able to keep in contact with family and a love of British fish and chips.

The results for Northumberland residents alone revealed that home comforts topped the bill for those in the county, scooping 31.7 per cent of the overall vote, followed by 23.5 per cent of people saying they prefer to holiday at home because there’s no language barrier, while Britain’s natural beauty is a big part of the appeal, with 21 per cent of Northumberland voters citing this as the reason they holiday at home.

Angela Mazingham, director of operations at Cottages in Northumberland, said: "It doesn't surprise me that more and more people are looking to enjoy a staycation in our beautiful country. With a stunning coastline, breath-taking countryside, a wealth of fascinating history and so much for all the family to do and see, Britain is an excellent option for people looking to travel, explore and relax, without the hassle."